Privacy Policy

The products ordered on are delivered quickly, within 24-48 hours, from the order confirmation date.Order confirmation is when the order is shipped. All orders that are placed on Saturdays and Sundays are processed and sent by courier starting with the first day of the week. During busy periods and during the holidays, there is a possibility that some orders may have small delays, but which will be announced in advance to the customer.
The transport is free both on the territory of Romania for all orders that are registered in our platform:

Parcels are delivered SAMEDAY.

According to Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2014 regarding consumer rights in distance contracts, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract under the following conditions:
The customer has the right to return a product, in period of 14 days, starting with the day he took physical possession of the product. In this sense, the customer will have to inform the seller about the return operation or by e-mail to the address: where to mention the Name, Surname, phone number - the item purchased.

The product must not have been used and unsealed, or the protective accessories have not been removed, and must contain all elements in the original condition to be resold as a new product. If the product shows signs of use or elements have been removed that make it unfit to be sold as a new product, the recall cannot take place.

 The product must be accompanied by the tax invoice, receipt, warranty certificate and any other documents that have been sent to the customer. 

 The customer bears the delivery costs and is responsible for the reduction in the value of the products resulting from their handling, and will therefore bear the difference between the purchase price and the reduced price.

 The seller will refund to the client's account (or the bank account that we will receive from the client) without undue delay, within 14 days from the date on which he was informed of the decision to withdraw from the contract, all the amounts he received as payment from the consumer. The seller can postpone the refund until the date of receipt of the products that were the subject of the sale. 

If you want to return the products ordered from, you can contact us at email address: We are at your disposal for all the details you need in case of a return.

Processing of personal data. The confidentiality of your data is a guaranteed right. It is your data and you will be able to request at any time the complete deletion of this data, with the exception of those that must be kept according to the law. You can do this with a simple email to The experience of using our sites and the security of your data are the most important aspects of our operations. We are aligned and comply with the rules imposed by the European GDPR standard. Personal data is always sensitive. That's why we collect them only when absolutely necessary to ensure a positive, complete and sustainable experience for our customers and we only keep them as long as this need is current or if the law requires us to do so. We hate spam and unwanted interactions as much as you do, and we will not use them in our relationship with customers or visitors to our sites. YOUR DATA WILL NEVER BE SOLD, RENT OR DISTRIBUTED TO THIRD PARTIES FOR ANY REASON. The only exceptions to this rule are those third-party services that are absolutely necessary for our operations: for example, courier companies, postal services and secure payment processors. However, we ensure that each of these partners complies with the regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR). We will not collaborate with suppliers who have not implemented at least this standard.


To ensure the proper functioning of this website, we place small data files, known as cookies, on your computer. Most sites do this. 

What is meant by cookies? 

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. Thanks to cookies, the site retains, over a period of time, your actions and preferences (login, language, character size and other display preferences). Thus, you no longer have to re-enter them every time you return to the site or navigate from one page to another. 

What kind of cookies do we place? 

Our pages use cookies to remember: 

  • The products you have added to the cart 
  • the way certain lists, texts or characters are displayed (e.g. if you have chosen a rearrangement of a product list) 
  • if for example you answered a survey or other interactive element regarding the usefulness of the content (to avoid being asked again) 
  • Preferences set on certain pages (e.g. wishlist) 
  • Preferences in the case of marketing campaigns (e.g. if you have already seen a banner with a certain offer, we place a cookie so that you will not be bothered with that banner next time) 
  • Anonymized statistics about browsing the site. This includes, but is not limited to: the duration of the visit, the pages visited, the products viewed, the IP of the network from which you visited us, the technology used for the visit (desktop or mobile), etc. 

Some cookies are necessary for the operation of the site as a whole, other times their existence is not strictly necessary for the operation of the site, but it can improve your browsing experience. 

Mandatory cookies 

These cookies are implicit in the technological platforms used by our sites and cannot be blocked without permanently affecting the operation of the site. 

  • basic site navigation (eg display, arrangement) 
  • consent to place cookies (to no longer display the respective warning) 
  • actions related to the e-commerce process: choosing products, placing and keeping in the basket, finalizing the order. 
  • Registration - in the case of loyalty policies - of the automatic creation of a user account in order to effectively monitor the correct application of these policies. 


Third-party cookies 

  • Google Analytics: Necessary for the evaluation of anonymized website navigation statistics (duration, pages, network, device, etc.). You can read all the relevant details about what Google collects here. 
  • Live Chat facility: Identification is done by IP number, never by personal data. Only if you explicitly give us your name will it be kept for a maximum of 30 days to make communication with you more efficient. In order to provide you with real-time support, we can see which page you are on at any given time, but we do not keep a detailed history of your visits. Chats conducted are kept in a history limited by the data retention policy (see below). 
  • Facebook/Twitter/Social Media: Social Media providers collect information similar to Google, but with a higher level of identification of site use. No personally identifiable data is collected except when you voluntarily interact with a post, press a Like button or interact with a KJR DISTRIBUTION SRL advertisement. The management of this data is done according to the privacy policy of the respective platform, which you can consult from your account on that platform. For example. for Facebook you can read here how this data is collected and what happens to your data. 
  • Affiliate networks: allow us to post information about our sites on blogs that redirect readers to us. The cookie is necessary for these blogs to measure the traffic sent to our sites and does not have any modifying impact on your visit. In this case the tracking is completely anonymized. 



In the case of visitors, the information associated with cookies cannot be used to identify you personally. The most detailed level of identification is the IP number assigned by your Internet provider (it may also include a regional geolocation at county or city level). 

In the case of authenticated users (ie if you have voluntarily logged into the account) the identification for mandatory cookies is personal (e.g. we know that you have ordered a certain product) and mandatory for the processing of orders and messages. 

Duration of validity: Cookies placed, both mandatory and those from third parties, have a validity period limited to a maximum of 90 days from the last visit, after which they are no longer functional.


How can you control cookies? 

You can always control and/or delete cookies as you wish – for details for each browser, see the website 

You can delete all cookies from your computer at any time and you can set most browsers to block their placement. If you do this, you may have to manually set some preferences each time you visit the site. Also, some services or options may not work. 

GOOD TO KNOW :The simplest method to avoid setting / placing cookies and to avoid keeping the activity history on a certain site is to open the browser in Incognito / Private Browsing / InPrivate Window (depending on the chosen browser). You usually find this option through the "Settings" button of your browser.


What personal data do we collect?

When you become a customer (through a one-time purchase) or just want to subscribe to the Commercial Newsletter, we need certain personal data to be able to offer you our products and promotions: 


For subscribing to the Newsletter 

1. your email address. 

To process any order placed on our sites: 

1. Surname, surname – required for identification (including for identification by the courier) 
2. Email address - required for identification and authentication. Your email address is our main identifier in our relationship with you. 
3. At least one complete postal address - to be able to deliver the products 
4. At least one phone number – to be able to contact you in relation to your orders, but never for advertising or marketing. 


1.alternative delivery addresses (when you decide this is needed )
2. alternate phone numbers (when you decide this is needed )

Data storage.

When you take an action through which we will record personal data about you that can identify you personally (e.g. the purchase of a product that requires the creation of an account, explicit registration on a mailing list or within a loyalty policy), the storage will do as follows: 

1. online to maintain the history of orders and issued invoices (2 years after the last purchase, respectively after canceling the subscription) 
2. local and online for the data legally required for invoicing (10 years, respectively cf. legal provisions) 

3. online and locally for CRM systems to maintain a correct and efficient relationship with you (1 year after the last purchase, respectively after canceling the subscription) 
4. online and locally for mailing lists in dedicated third-party platforms (continuously until you unsubscribe from the respective list, which you can do with a simple click in any newsletter/marketing type mail received from us) 

The websites are hosted on the servers of internet hosting service providers that have adhered to and implemented the GDPR standard. As well as the third-party platforms used. 

WE DO NOT STORE YOUR BANK CARD DATA. For any online card payment, you will be redirected to Platforms specialized in online card transactions, platforms that have adhered to the GDPR standard. 

Data security.

The website is secure. Interactions, data entered in forms, including financial ones, are protected by SSL encryption. You can verify this by the fact that the icon of a closed lock appears in the title bar of your browser. Only sites displaying such a symbol are secure and communications encrypted. 

All data is stored in platforms that meet or exceed the usual security standards. Complete data regarding the payment method registered with KJR DISTRIBUTION SRL they are not accessible to any KJR DISTRIBUTION SRL collaborator and the payment processors we work with are certified at European level and contain high-standard anti-fraud security mechanisms. 

However, you must be aware that no mechanism and no platform can provide 100% security. That's why, in the event of discovering an attack on any of our methods of keeping your personal data, KJR DISTRIBUTION SRL will notify you within 48 hours after the discovery of such a privacy breach, will inform you about the type of compromised data and will offer you solutions. 

By placing an order, you declare that you agree with the "Privacy Policy".